Upgrade Breaks Logitech Tap Scheduler

Logitech Tap Scheduler

I was going about my normal duties and decided to upgrade a Logitech Tap Scheduler (we have many) to firmware 1.8.557. Well it broke it. It was throwing a weird error too:

Logitech Tap Scheduler

This particular account only signs in to this device. To be sure, I revoked all sign-ins for this account and tried again. No luck.

Contacting Logitech Tap Scheduler Support

Logitech support is always very helpful. I rarely have problems with these devices. I was told that this device is considered a “panel device” and needs a Microsoft Teams Pro license. It started running with a Teams Standard license and when Microsoft changed the licensing scheme we switched it to Microsoft Teams Basic.

I had been running for a few months like this without any issue. We switched to this license because it is free up to 25 devices. It suits us because all this device does is broadcast what is going on inside a meeting room or if it is free to use. The pro license is a lot of money per month. Very steep for what little the device does…

Fixing the Logitech Tap Scheduler

I contacted Microsoft support abut this and explained that it only happened since the firmware upgrade and that a Pro license is way to expensive for what it does. We have several of these devices and an expenditure like that is unnecessary.

The fix was quite easy:

  • Sign in to endpoint.microsoft.com with your admin credentials.
  • Go into Devices>Android>Android enrollment> 
  • Scroll to the bottom and in the section that says “Android Device Administrator”
  • Click the “Personal and Corporate Owned Devices”
  • Tick the box in here to “Use Device Administrator to manage Devices”. 

After that, the device logged in normally, even with the updated firmware. Apparently other devices have had the same problem (Having issues signing into a yealink teams room panel – Microsoft Community Hub) I was a little worried. I have devices in various states of firmware and I did not want to upgrade any of them while they were still working.

I will take one broken tap scheduler over a dozen anytime!

Happy IT’ing


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