Top 3 Posts for January 2023

Top 3 Posts for January 2023

I like to see how my posts are performing and showcase the top ones from time to time. If you just joined Quick IT Tips you may not have seen these articles but they do give some great tips on some very common problems…Here are the top 3 Posts for January 2023.

Top 3 Posts for January 2023

It looks like my quick tips are a hit. As an IT professional, you need to get things done. The list never ends! PowerShell , Office 365 and Citrix top the list. In addition, the Microsoft ecosystem is so pervasive and ever changing, it helps to get some quick advice.

Automate Everything!!

You can do something once a hundred times or hundred things at once, which is faster. If you use PowerShell scripts you already know the answer to this one. In this article, I show you how to take an old contact list, map the fields and then use PowerShell to update several users contacts.

More Citrix Please…

Sometimes Citrix Workspace does not operate as intended even though you have logged in correctly. Here is a quick fix, when this happens.

If Nobody Replies, you Have Done it Right.

I was recently asked to set up a proper no-reply address for several groups. It the article, I mentioned other ways you could do it but with a little now how all you need is O365 with Exchange, Power Automate and Mailbox Rules and you got yourself a no-reply system.

These are the top articles on my site for the last 30 days. As I write more articles I will post more top 3 article posts on my blog. Who knows, maybe it will get to a top 10 list! All I do is write about the issue I experience on my IT travels and report back on my blog in hopes that it will help someone who is experiencing the same issue.

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