The One Thing One Drive is Awesome At

One Drive is Awesome!

What I really like about using OneDrive is the ability to access documents from anywhere. You don’t even have to have the OneDrive application installed. If you have access to a browser, you have access to your files. I use both the Windows application and the online version through a web browser of my choice, and it is amazing.

Before I go on, if you want a good laugh check out the tik tok vdeo  I made about this.

Most users are familiar with the basics, but do you know you can collaborate with others even though they are connected to the same network? If you are at all familiar with Office 365 and I am sure you are, you can collaborate through SharePoint but also OneDrive! I will go through the basics of how to do this through the online version of OneDrive and the Windows application version.

OneDrive Online

Go to in your browser and login.

Open the hamburger menu on the top right and click on OneDrive

One Drive Menu

From here you can create new folders and Files:

Click into the folder (or create a folder) you need to upload files to and click upload. You can choose to upload files or folders:

One DriveOptions

Once you have created a folder you wish share and upload files to it, go back to the folder, and click the three dots (…) and click on “Share”:

One Drive Share

Please add shared users in this order – Step 1 choose their access (read or read / write) – Step 2 – type in their full email address. If they are in your organization the address will self-populate. If not, you will have to enter the full email address.:

One Drive Recipients

Repeat this step for person you wish to share the OneDrive folder with. When done click “Send”. Each user will get an email that you have share a folder with them.

OneDrive Through the Windows App

Setting up OneDrive

You need to verify that OneDrive is installed and configured. It most cases it will be, so all you need to do is search for it:

One Drive Search

Sign in with your O365 credentials. Then, right click on  , choose settings and go to the Backup tab and choose “Manage Backup”:

One Drive Manage Backup

One Drive Folders

In this example, the chosen folders re already checked. When you initially set it up you would be checking the above three folders so they will be synced with OneDrive.

It is important that you choose the Desktop folder. This is where we are going to create a file folder for the Project.

Creating the Project Folder and sharing out

Navigate to your Desktop and create a folder.

Right click on the folder and choose the blue OneDrive share icon:

One Drive Share

You will see a screen like this:

One Drive App Recipients

By clicking the little pencil icon, you can specify whether they can view and edit or view only the documents in the folder. If you are using O365 in an organization or they are in your address book, emails will self-populate. If there are not or are external to your organization, then you will have to type the entire email address. When done click “Send”. Each user will get an email that you have share a folder with them.

I can’t reiterate enough how important it is to make sure you have a secure password and use MFA for added security when using OneDrive!

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