Teams Voicemail Disappears 

Teams Voicemail Disappears 

I have had users lately complain that their voicemails in Teams history are gone. Basically, Teams Voicemail Disappears. It is frustrating to say the least. You had a voicemail that you have been keeping for a while and then one day you go to it and it is gone. Disappeared into the ether and you have no idea where it went. 

How Teams Voicemail Disappears Happens 

Remember how I told you in a previous post that teams wasn’t integrated very well with the rest of the M365 ecosystem. Well, it is a little bit and in the most frustrating way. Let me explain. 

With Teams cloud Voicemail Policies you can set up transcriptions of the voicemail sent to your Exchange mailbox as an email notification. Great. What they don’t tell you is if you delete that notification, the related voicemail disappears from your team call history. If your admin has disabled the policy, it won’t be an issue. The only way to delete a voicemail is if you manually delete it from your MS Teams history. 

You may want to delete the notifications to clear out clutter from your inbox. I have several users who did just that. They lost all their VM’s. Well sort of…… 

How To Restore the Lost Voicemails 

Do a search on your inbox for “Voice Mail” and you will find all voicemail transcriptions / Notifications. Move them back to your inbox. When you refresh your call history the voicemails will be back. 

Dealing With Voicemails Going Forward 

What I instructed my users to do was to create a folder in their inbox called “Voicemails”. Whenever they get a notification, just move it to that folder. It does two things; one it reduces clutter in their inbox (Which they anyway) but more importantly the voicemail history is preserved in teams. Currently, there is no Teams policy that will prevent this calamity from happening LOL. 

Just remember if you delete the VM from Teams first, the notification will remain in Outlook. Armed with this knowledge, just delete the notification when you are ready, it will save you a click. 

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