Teams Meeting Settings in a Couple of Clicks

Here is a quick way to set your Microsoft Your Teams Meeting Settings in a couple of clicks. Keep these Teams settings handy so you will be able to set up meetings in the future quickly.

When you create a New Meeting in Teams you can choose options for the meeting. However, if the meeting is large (up to 300 attendees) you will want to customize the meeting even more. you need to go into “More Options”. From there, you will be able to set the following settings. Security, Audio and Video, Engagement, Roles, Recording and Transcript.


Teams Meeting Settings

In this option you can specify who can directly enter the meeting. The lobby is sort of a waiting room and if you don’t set it, the organizer of the meeting (the one who created it or people they have specified as co-organizers) will have to manually admit everyone into the meeting.

The green room is like the lobby, but it lets the user test their audio and video before that are admitted.

Audio and Video

Teams Meeting Settings

Thes settings can be switched on or off depending on your need. For large meetings it is better to have video and mic switched off to save bandwidth and prevent interruptions to the meeting.

Set Your Teams Meeting Settings Engagement

Teams Meeting Settings

Thes settings have to do how the users interact with the meeting. You can turn the chat future on or off. Enable Q & A. This is a good feature because it allows you to moderate questions before they show in the meeting, and you can allow replies as well. Allow reactions is just if you want attendees to react to the meeting with emoji’s provided by Teams. The Attendance report toggle is used if you want users’ attendance to the meeting recorded. Something you might want to do in a large meeting.

Set Your Teams Meeting Settings Roles

Teams Meeting Settings

In larger meetings various users will have different roles in the meeting. The user who creates the meeting is the Organizer. They will be the one more than likely setting all the settings in the meet. Unless they choose some Co-Organizers. To do so all the organizers must do is change the role of one of the participants to Co-Organizer.

Enable language interpretation is a feature whereby you can assign a participant to translate the meeting in real time into another language.

Before you can assign anyone the role of Co-Organizer, Presenter or Language interpreter you must make them a participant first and assign one of the roles.

Like Organizers, participants can control their video and mic.

Recording and Transcript

Teams Meeting Settings

Here you can enable automatically recording the meeting, but I wouldn’t. It records everything. So, you have basic setup and a lot of noise before the meeting recorded which would need to be edited afterwards. It’s a pain. Have one of the Organizers manually record the meeting when it starts and stop recording when it ends so it is a nice clean recording. Allow Copilot in enable this feature into your meeting, It may help automate some of your tasks in the meeting.

This is how you Set Your Teams Meeting Settings in a couple of clicks. I would keep this info handy any time you need to set up a large team meeting. At least you won’t be running around setting things up when the meeting has already started. You will be prepared!

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