Setting Up Locate Device in Endpoint for Android

Locate Device in Endpoint

So, you want to set locate device in endpoint for your Android devices. Enrolling them in Endpoint is not enough!! There are several considerations and prerequisites that need to be set up first. I will show you how to do this.

Step 1 – Create a Group for Enrolled Devices

You have probably already done this. Creating a dynamic device or user group based on membership rules is the best way to set up Locate Device in Endpoint for success. Once the group is created, enroll a device based on the membership rules. Then you can go to step 2 create a configuration profile.

Step2 – Create a Configuration profile for Locate Device in Endpoint

Here we create a configuration profile that enables locate device for enrolled devices.

  1. In Endpoint, go to Home/Devices/Configuration Profiles and click “Create Profile”:
Locate Device in Endpoint
  • On the create a profile choose “Android Enterprise” from the first dropdown and “Device Restrictions” from the profile type.
Locate Device in Endpoint
  • Give the configuration a name and description and click next:
Locate Device in Endpoint
  • On the screen, click the “General” Tilde and scroll down to “Fully Managed and Corporate owned Device Profiles” and find “Locate Device” and click the slider to allow:
Locate Device in Endpoint
  • Click next. On the next screen you will be asked to add group to the configuration. Add the group your created in step one to apply the configuration profile to:
Locate Device in Endpoint
  • Click next and then create. You have your configuration policy.

Step3 – Ensure Location Services are Enabled on Enrolled Android Device

Location Services should be enabled by default on the enrolled android device, but it needs to be on for locate device in Endpoint to work properly, On the Android device go to Settings / Location and make sure the location settings are toggled on.

Step4 – Ensure App Permissions are Set for Intune

You need to make sure the Intune App is set to use location service every time.

  1. Do this while still in the location settings from the step above and tap app permissions.
Locate Device in Endpoint
  • Scroll Down to the Intune app:
Locate Device in Endpoint
  • And make sure the app is set to “Allow All the Time”. Also, make sure the “use Precise Location” is toggled on:
Locate Device in Endpoint

Step5 – Manually sync Policies in Android Intune App

You can probably wait for the configuration policy to get pushed out to the device but if you want to see if Locate in Endpoint works properly, go to the Intune app and manually kick off a sync:

Locate Device in Endpoint

Putting Locate in Endpoint all Together

Now that you have properly configured your device to Locate in Endpoint, when you decide to do this:

Locate Device in Endpoint

You will get something like this:

Locate Device in Endpoint

Instead of this:

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