Office 365 and Outlook: Install and Configure in 2 Steps

Congratulations you have an O365 subscription (I know you are jumping up and down…. this is sarcasm). Since 99.99999 % of people get Office 365 for Outlook look, here is a quick and dirty guide to get Office 365 and Office installed and Outlook configured in 2 Steps.  Install Office 365 Uninstall and other Office … Read more

Two Really Cool Citrix Hacks

One of the biggest questions I get about Citrix is how to operate between the terminal server OS and the local OS. Usually there is the occasional need to work between the two. Here are two really cool Citrix Hacks. Once you learn them you will use the all the time! Transfer Between Citrix and … Read more

Back Up Your Whole System in Two Steps

This is a continuation from my previous article on how to make sure your files are backed up. You either work from home or are a power user in an organization that might not give all the backup you need. Whatever the case, I will show you how to back up your entire machine using … Read more

The One Thing One Drive is Awesome At

What I really like about using OneDrive is the ability to access documents from anywhere. You don’t even have to have the OneDrive application installed. If you have access to a browser, you have access to your files. I use both the Windows application and the online version through a web browser of my choice, … Read more

Files backed up? (4 Ways to be Sure)

You work for a company either with a dedicated IT Department or a Managed Service Provider who supplies your IT Services / Support. Backups are done regularly. You feel pretty safe but do you really know what information is backed up? It is a good idea to ask. It might not be as much as … Read more

Before you call the Help Desk Try These Three Things

People’s natural instinct when facing a problem with a work computer or software system is to immediately contact the Help Desk. That’s what we are here for, right? I am not saying you shouldn’t contact the help desk. However, the problem you are experiencing might be very slight and can be easily resolved with some … Read more

Explaining Citrix to a 6-year-old

Citrix is complicated. There is a lot going on with all its moving parts. The title is a bit of a misnomer. You truly can’t explain it fully to a 6 year old, but you can give it a well-deserved introduction! Citrix at 50,000 feet – For Adults For those who can remember the days … Read more

Your Email has Been Hacked! Do these 5 things

I have seen it all too often. A user goes to work and either comes in to the office to check their email or looks at their phone beforehand and oh no….they see a bunch of emails from their contacts all asking the same thing. “Why are you sending this to me? Dude you have … Read more

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