Setting Up Locate Device in Endpoint for Android

So, you want to set locate device in endpoint for your Android devices. Enrolling them in Endpoint is not enough!! There are several considerations and prerequisites that need to be set up first. I will show you how to do this. Step 1 – Create a Group for Enrolled Devices You have probably already done … Read more

Check M365 Health Status Using 3 Ways

Why would you want to check M365 Health status? A good example of when your users are experiencing issues with the M365 ecosystem, and you want to check to see if it is a system wide issue before you engage in a bunch of troubleshooting your specific tenant. This is one of the many ways … Read more

Sharing With OneDrive Online

I had written a great article on Onedrive. However, The best way to Sharing With OneDrive Online is to go to with your favorite web browser. Once you get to your portal screen, click the menu icon in the top left and choose OneDrive: You will be brought to your “My Files” page: You can create … Read more

Scanning With Microsoft Lens The Right Way

Scanning With Microsoft Lens Scanning With Microsoft Lens is a great way to get documents that are not on your phone scanned and sent to various outlets. Good examples are PDF, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word or Saved to OneDrive. You can later take the scans and share there using your normal methods on your phone (Email, … Read more

One Way to Enhance Conditional Access

Enhance Conditional Access I wrote an article awhile ago about how to use conditional access when MFA is not possible. In some cases you need need to enhance conditional access. What is Conditional Access? As a refresher, Conditional Access is a part of Azure AD that helps organizations improve security and compliance. By creating Conditional … Read more

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