Explaining Citrix to a 6-year-old

Citrix is complicated. There is a lot going on with all its moving parts. The title is a bit of a misnomer. You truly can’t explain it fully to a 6 year old, but you can give it a well-deserved introduction! Citrix at 50,000 feet – For Adults For those who can remember the days … Read more

Your Email has Been Hacked! Do these 5 things

I have seen it all too often. A user goes to work and either comes in to the office to check their email or looks at their phone beforehand and oh no….they see a bunch of emails from their contacts all asking the same thing. “Why are you sending this to me? Dude you have … Read more

Using MFA…Why should you care?

Multi Factor Authentication has been around for awhile. In fact all systems from a simple blogging service to a banking system have some form of MFA. In fact, a lot of systems do not even make it a choice anymore. This article is for the hold-outs that are trying NOT to use MFA on systems … Read more

Secure Password in 5 Steps (Even if you are Lazy)

Let’s face it. You need a secure password. You have to remember a lot of passwords in your online travels. There are many ways to create a secure password and manage it, but if you are like me you are LAZY! There is a way to create a very secure password that is very easy … Read more

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