Office 365 and Outlook: Install and Configure in 2 Steps

Congratulations you have an O365 subscription (I know you are jumping up and down…. this is sarcasm). Since 99.99999 % of people get Office 365 for Outlook look, here is a quick and dirty guide to get Office 365 and Office installed and Outlook configured in 2 Steps. 

Install Office 365

  1. Uninstall and other Office version on your computer. 
  1. If a click-to-run or any other version of Office 365 is installed on the laptop also uninstall it. 
  1. Go to your control panel (i.e. Search for Control Panel, launch it and then go to Programs and Feature and uninstall any other version of office if it is there. 
  1. Reboot you computer when asked.
  1. Log back in, go to (log in if you need to.).
  1. Click the down arrow beside Install Office and chose Premium Office Apps: 

7. The download will show in your browser downloads: 

8. When it is done downloading, click on it and the install process will begin. You will see an Office splash screen like this: 

9. It will notify you when it is done installing. 

Configure Outlook

  1. When it has installed you can launch outlook by searching for it by in the Windows 10 Search bar  “Outlook” and clicking on it. 
  1. It will start the sign process by setting up your email account. All you need to do is enter you email address if it hasn’t found it already and your Windows password when it asks for it.  
  1. You may need to sign in again to activate your copy of Office. To do that you just enter your email address and windows password again. 
  1. Once your email sign up is complete you will see your Outlook inbox. 
  1. To launch any of the other office app just search for them by name in the Windows 10 search bar (i.e. Excel, Word” 
  1. If you would like the office apps located pinned to your task bar you just search for the office app and then right click on the search result and choose pin to task bar: 

16. When starting Outlook for the first time it will ask you to log in. Please use your email address as the username and your password. 

Voila you have Office installed and Outlook configured in 2 Steps! Add this knowledge to what you learned about using OneDrive a you will be an expert at office in no time!

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Happy IT’ing


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