MS Teams Contact Code Generator

MS Teams Contact Code Generator

So you need a MS Teams Contact Code Generator. You have seen my article about provisioning MS Teams contacts and you have come to the right place. This is a program that will take a csv file with the fields required for adding MS Teams contacts and generate the required code to put it in the powershell script in the article.

Files included:

JSONCodeGenerator.exe – The Program File

Contacts.csv – The CSV file you need to populate.

JSON_Add.txt and JSON_Delete .txt – Blank File that the JSON Code is written to. It is cleared each time you import subsequent code.


  1. Browse for the CSV
  2. Browse for the TXT
  3. Click Create JSON (Add or Delete). That’s is it.

Purchasing MS Teams Contact Code Generator

All you have to do is buy me a coffee below (Any Amount will do) and I will send you the the program with all files. You will be on your way to creating JSON Code required to run your PowerShell Script that populates any users MS Teams Contacts.

MS Teams Contact Code Generator Purchase Form

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