Manually Setup Teams Forwarding for a user

Setup Teams Forwarding

Manually Setup Teams Forwarding

You need to Manually Setup Teams Forwarding for a user and you are unable at the moment do it Automatically. That is OK. If you do not have access to your Powershell Scripts

Do the following:

Manually Setup Teams
  • Once you find the user click on their name in the middle pane.
  • Click the voice tab and fill out the following information (click the “Be immediately forwarded” radio box.
  • Pick “Another Number” from the call forward type drop-down box
  • Type the number in the “ring another number” box. Make sure it is in the format 1XXXXXXXXXX (i.e. 15551234567) or the number format you use in your country.
  • Click Save:
    Setup Teams Forwarding

    Clear Teams Forwarding

    If you need to clear forward on the Voice Tab of the user account, do the following:

    • Click the “Ring <usernames> devices.
    • Click Save:

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