Managing Teams Apps

Managing Teams Apps

Managing Teams Apps

Microsoft Teams lack of integration with M365 doesn’t stop at the client. It extends to Administration too. Let me explain the ways in Managing Teams Apps.

You can add to the functionality of Microsoft Teams by Managing Teams Apps and add them to users. It is a good system. The responsibility is on the user to request access to this app which then can add to their teams by themselves once you approve them.

Where to Configure Managing Teams Apps

I have found three places to do this. You would think Microsoft would make it easy Managing Teams Apps but that wouldn’t be Microsoft. I will start with the main place and then describe the other two.

Microsoft Teams Admin

Them place is Microsoft teams admin. Go to to get to the team’s admin ports and click the Manage Apps section. From there, go to the top right of the screen under actions, and choose org wide app settings. This is where go can set your base config on how you want your Managing Teams Apps to behave. Like allow, MS Apps, Custom Apps or Third-Party Apps. Allowing apps for external access.

The best setting that I have turned off is letting users install app on their own. As an Admin, you need to vet out the application. By, default, most apps are blocked (with the exception of MS Apps). You must request access.

Teams Admin App

There are some apps that you can allow but unless they are turned on from this app, they will not work, For example, Dropbox. So, request and allow the Microsoft Teams admin app for yourself (As a Teams Admin) and add it to your teams. Open the app an allow any file sharing (that’s not OneDrive or Share point) into you organization:

Managing Teams Apps

Microsoft hides this. You really must look for it. They want you to use OneDrive or SharePoint. Requests that were made before you toggled this setting might have to be made again.

Microsoft 365 Admin Center

If you go to and then fins settings along the left pane, you will see settings. Click that and then go to integrated apps. You will see a lot of apps that can be used with teams and Outlook or both. There is a disclaimer on the page that states it is better to use Teams Admin for Managing Teams App. It more than likely overrides anything you configure here. For admins like us, it makes our job a little more confusing.

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