Juliana Hatfield 3 – Become What You Are Cover

The Juliana Hatfield 3 - Become what You Are

I have been a fan of Juliana Hatfield’s music since the early 90’s. The Juliana Hatfield 3 – Become What You Are Album got me started. In recognition of its 30th anniversary I have covered the entire album re-recording the guitar parts. It took about 3 months to do in my spare time. I love how the hits turned out but the deep cuts on the record sound great too!

Juliana Hatfield is one of the most underrated guitarists of the 90’s. Her playing is not only very melodic but its pop structure is really second to none. When you combine influences like The Police and Olivia Newton-John you get some pretty good music IMO!

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Here is a sample of the record:

Juliana Hatfield 3 – Become What You Are (Full Guitar Cover Sample)

Here is the full recording:

Juliana Hatfield 3 – Become What You Are (Full Guitar Performance)

Below is the track listing that shows exactly where it is in the full video above. Skip to your favorite track and enjoy!

No.  Title  Time Marker

1.  “Supermodel”     0:10

2.  “My Sister”     3:05

3.  “This Is the Sound”     6:36

4.  “For the Birds”     9:43

5.  “Mabel”     14:00

6.  “A Dame with a Rod”     18:22

7.  “Addicted”     21:06

8.  “Feelin’ Massachusetts” 24:26

9.  “Spin the Bottle”     28:40

10.  “President Garfield”     31:03

11.  “Little Pieces”     35:43

12.  “I Got No Idols”  38:51

Credits adapted from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Become_What_You_Are

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