How to create a No-Reply Email Address in Microsoft 365

No-Reply Email Address in Microsoft 365

You have been tasked to create a no-reply email address in Microsoft 365. It sounds easy but it is a daunting task. You could use third party tools like Code Two, but…… Some examples also show you using a shared mailbox.

In some instances, it isn’t good idea to use either. One example come to mind if you need to send the initial response sent to the no-reply email to a distribution list. It is a lot easier than to set up dozens if not hundreds of shared email boxes in users Outlook profiles. Granted a shared mailbox does not use a license but in some cases it is not practical.

Now get your cup of coffee, I will now show how to create a no-reply address in Microsoft 365….

The Process for No-Reply Email Address

A user (either internal or external) sends an email to the no reply address:

  1. The user gets an auto reply stating that the email address they just sent to is not monitored but it has been forwarded to the appropriate group Distribution List(DL) – The Auto reply is set up by setting up a Workflow in Power Automate on the no-reply mailbox.
  2. Any replies to this address are marked read and deleted in the No Reply inbox. – This is accomplished by a Client Side In Box Rule in the inbox.
  3. The request gets forwarded to a DL of users you specify. They can reply to the request, but it will be coming from their email address and not the no reply address.

What You Need for No-Reply Email Address in Microsoft 365

  1. The name of the email address (
  2. The members of each DL for each email address.
  3. The verbiage of each Auto Reply.

It is a good idea to regularly keep the member list up to date. Sorry, Dynamic Distribution Lists do not work for this.

Setup for No-Reply Email Address

  1. I created a mailbox ([email protected]).
  2. License with Exchange Plan 1 and Power Automate
  3. I created a DL with Members) ([email protected]) – Hide from GAL – Delivery Management only. People internally can send to it – it is hidden so none knows about it!
  4. An Auto Reply was set up with [email protected] –  In Power Automate
No-Reply Email Address in Microsoft 365
  • 2 Rules in OWA – 1) redirect Rule to All messages to DL – 2) messages with Re: in Subject – those would be replies are marked as read and deleted.
No-Reply Email Address in Microsoft 365
No-Reply Email Address in Microsoft 365
No-Reply Email Address in Microsoft 365
  • An Anti-Spam Policy was created to allow forwarding to be set up on [email protected] so we won’t get O365 alerts each time the email request is forwarded to the DL:

No-Reply Email Address in Microsoft 365
No-Reply Email Address in Microsoft 365

By doing the following you have setup a no-reply in M365 without the use of any third-party tools and without the need to use a shared mailbox. It is another tip for M365 you can add to your toolbox!

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