Fix Citrix Display With This One Step

Are you using Workspace with more than one screen and your Citrix Display is not looking right? For example, all of a sudden you can’t drag a published app from one screen to another properly?

What Causes this?

There are several reasons. Whatever causes it changes the scale and layout properties of you monitor(s). When the scale and layout of the monitors you use in your Citrix session are not 100% identical, published apps will not render correctly across those screens.

This tends to happen when a user is on a mobile device like a laptop and they are moving between office setups. For example when moving between the office and home. With the hybrid office becoming more and more prevalent, this will happen a lot more often. Luckily the fix is quite easy.

How to Adjust Scale and Layout in Windows 10

Search for “Display Properties” in the Windows search bar. Click on each monitor listed in the Display section and make sure that the scale and layout are exactly the same.

Now when you open your app in Citrix it will render correctly. If you use this with other Citrix Hacks, your Citrix Experience will be a better one.

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