CSV to ICS Converter

CSV to ICS Converter

So you need a CSV to ICS Converter. You have come to the right place. This is a program that will take a csv file with simple single occurring appointment and convert it to ICS.

Files included:

CSVtoICS.exe – The Program File

Week.csv – The CSV file you need to populate. Leave the column headings in the file. There are four columns in the file
Subject – Text
Start Date – Must be MM/DD/YYY
Start Time – Must be 24hr hh:mm
End Time – Must be 24hr hh:mm

Week.ics – Blank File that ICS Data is written to. It is cleared each time you import a subsequent CSV


  1. Browse for the CSV
  2. Browse for the ICS
  3. Click Create ICS. That’s is it.

Purchasing CSV to ICS Converter

All you have to do is buy me a coffee below (Any Amount will do) and I will send you the the program with all CSV and ICS files. You will be on your way to creating simple ICS files for import into Outlook, Outlook.com, Gmail, Thunderbird or any email program that accepts the ICS format. Which I think is pretty much all of them.

Note: Program is “AS IS”. No Support Will Provided. 🙂

CSV to ICS Converter Purchase Form

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