Check M365 Health Status Using 3 Ways

Check M365 Health Status

Why would you want to check M365 Health status? A good example of when your users are experiencing issues with the M365 ecosystem, and you want to check to see if it is a system wide issue before you engage in a bunch of troubleshooting your specific tenant. This is one of the many ways to enhance your M365 tenant.

In the article I will show you three different ways to check M365 Health status. The good news is it can be automated or done manually. It is your choice. So, let’s get to it!

Check M365 Health Status Dashboard

The Microsoft 365 Health dashboard lets customers view insights about the service status, software update status, as well as security compliance. It also shows critical alerts about general service incidents and billing issues.

It is designed to show the health status of the M365 services you use including the health of your environment, software and device updates, security as well potential billing issues.

Check M365 Health Status

Sign Up for Health Status Alerts

This is a great automated way to receive updates when you Check M365 Health Status of your environment, Do the following to sign up for alerts:

  1. Login to
  2. Click on Health/Services Health and then customize in the top middle pane.
  3. Choose which services you want to view:
Check M365 Health Status

4. Choose what service you want health status emails on:

Check M365 Health Status

Whenever there is an issue with one of those services that affect your tenant or region, you will get notified via email.

Check Tenant Release Status

The is a great way to check M365 Health Status too. Sometimes is not a question of a service failing or degrading performance. It could be that your region hasn’t had a service update that takes care of the issue you are having. Consider it like a firmware upgrade for your tenant.

Before checking the service version of your Intune tenant, it is important to know that Microsoft releases monthly service updates to Intune. These updates are rolled out to tenants in an order.

•              Day 1: Asia Pacific (APAC) gets the Intune updates.

•              Day 2: Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) gets the Intune updates.

•              Day 3: North America gets the Intune updates.

•              Day 4+: Intune for Government gets the updates.

It might not have got to your region yet. To check for your release version:

  1. Sign into the Microsoft Intune Portal.
  2. Navigate to Tenant Administration and now select Tenant Status.
  3. Select the Tenant Details tab, and here you can find the Service release version of your Intune tenant.
Check M365 Health Status

Using these 3 ways to check M365 Health Status, you will be able to differentiate between any potential issue being caused by your specific tenant or if it is an issue that affects the M365 eco-system in your region!

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