Try Windows 11 in 5 Steps

So you would like to try Windows 11? Well it is pretty easy. We are starting to see more of these installations and it is important that your currently running software works with it. It is better to test before upgrading so you know what works and what doesn’t before a full scale upgrade. I … Read more

3 Considerations When Upgrading to Windows 11

Should you upgrade to Windows 11? It depends…. As with most Windows new releases, early adopters are usually faced with a lot of problems. I like to wait for the system to be out for awhile and I get a chance to upgrade my hardware before I upgrade. It minimizes problems. If you feel you … Read more

Back Up Your Whole System in Two Steps

This is a continuation from my previous article on how to make sure your files are backed up. You either work from home or are a power user in an organization that might not give all the backup you need. Whatever the case, I will show you how to back up your entire machine using … Read more

Files backed up? (4 Ways to be Sure)

You work for a company either with a dedicated IT Department or a Managed Service Provider who supplies your IT Services / Support. Backups are done regularly. You feel pretty safe but do you really know what information is backed up? It is a good idea to ask. It might not be as much as … Read more

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