Clean up any Download Folder With This One Tip

Download Folder Cleanup  Downloading files to your computer can quickly fill your hard drive. If you’re frequently downloading files, it may be necessary to delete them. Deleting unneeded files is generally good maintenance and will help with your systems performance, so you wont’s get angry about that!! More importantly, it is good for security and … Read more

Your Email has Been Hacked! Do these 5 things

I have seen it all too often. A user goes to work and either comes in to the office to check their email or looks at their phone beforehand and oh no….they see a bunch of emails from their contacts all asking the same thing. “Why are you sending this to me? Dude you have … Read more

Using MFA…Why should you care?

Multi Factor Authentication has been around for awhile. In fact all systems from a simple blogging service to a banking system have some form of MFA. In fact, a lot of systems do not even make it a choice anymore. This article is for the hold-outs that are trying NOT to use MFA on systems … Read more

Secure Password in 5 Steps (Even if you are Lazy)

Let’s face it. You need a secure password. You have to remember a lot of passwords in your online travels. There are many ways to create a secure password and manage it, but if you are like me you are LAZY! There is a way to create a very secure password that is very easy … Read more

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