Quickly React To M365 User Compromise

At some point you are going to deal with a M365 User Compromise. It could be a password leak of some kind. It could be through a phishing attempt or as simple as password sharing. Either way, it can be dealt with easily and quickly in 3 steps. I will show you how. M365 User … Read more

Disable External Forwarding With These 2 Steps

You, for many reasons (Security being a big one), that you need to Disable External Forwarding for your M365 Users. In this article I can show how to check which users are using forwarding and then how to turn it off for the entire organization so it won’t be a concern going forward. List Users … Read more

2 Ways to Enable MFA for your M365 Users

Why Enable MFA? Need to Enable MFA for your M365 Users? Maybe it is for one one user or many users. A good example is for a security breach and you want to beef up security. Maybe you had security defaults turned off when you were getting prepared for MFA and now have to use … Read more

Two Ways to Guard Against MFA Fatigue Attack

Let’s face it, Cyber-attacks are on the rise. It seems like that every time we read the news some organization somewhere in the world has had their system compromised in some way. A good example is what happened to Uber the other week. They were a victim of an MFA Fatigue attack that allowed the … Read more

Two Ways Why Your SPF Record is Broken and How to Fix it

You have made some changes to your SPF record in DNS (or not) and your SPF record is broken. One day resources that depend on it in your organization stop working? What happened? There are generally two ways this record can become problematic but first, What is an SPF record anyways….. An SPF Record is … Read more

Top 5 Cyber Crimes and How to Protect Yourself

With what has been going on in the world lately, cyber crimes are on the rise. It makes sense to protect your self as many ways as you can. All the ways in this article are related to each other in some way. For example, having a strong password will help you with all of … Read more

Not all IT Advice is Created Equal!

Where do you go for your IT advice? I hope it is from a trusted source. From what I have been seeing on social media it is a bit scary. This post is actually a bit of rant and a bit of a warning. I’ve been watching a lot of IT support videos on a … Read more

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