Reclaim O365 Licenses From Deleted Users

O365 admin is funny. There a lot of things that you do a certain way if you came from an on premise environment. You don’t think about it (Like disabling a user). Well you have now moved into a hybrid environment and hopefully soon and all cloud environment. You need to Reclaim O365 Licenses. Why … Read more

Trapping Errors in MS Graph

I was tasked with automating how Outlook contacts are written to a users profile using Microsoft Graph. I wrote about how to do it in my situation here. However, my last task was to accomplish this but with a much larger contact list. This required trapping errors in MS Graph. I will show you the … Read more

2 Ways to Enable MFA for your M365 Users

Why Enable MFA? Need to Enable MFA for your M365 Users? Maybe it is for one one user or many users. A good example is for a security breach and you want to beef up security. Maybe you had security defaults turned off when you were getting prepared for MFA and now have to use … Read more

2 Ways to Revoke a M365 Users Sign-in

Why Revoke a Sign-in? Need to revoke a M365 Users Sign-in? Maybe it is for one one user or many users. A good example is for a security breach. Another example is when a user leaves the company and you want to make sure their are no cached logins for any device they might be … Read more

Two Ways to Guard Against MFA Fatigue Attack

Let’s face it, Cyber-attacks are on the rise. It seems like that every time we read the news some organization somewhere in the world has had their system compromised in some way. A good example is what happened to Uber the other week. They were a victim of an MFA Fatigue attack that allowed the … Read more

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