Allow Specific Users to Auto-Forward

You would like to allow auto-forwarding to specific domains. Great! What if you want to allow specific users to Auto-Forward? Back in the day you could probably only allow / disable domains from auto-forwarding. However, with the ever changing landscape that is M365 you now can get more granular with the process. Now you can … Read more

Use Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) to Send Emails

Your organization has turned off Automatic forwards for security reasons. It helps protect emails from being forwarded to a hacker’s email address if your account became compromised. It also stops a disgruntled employee from sending information to the wrong place. If you use Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) it is more secure. So, what if you … Read more

Upgrade Breaks Logitech Tap Scheduler

I was going about my normal duties and decided to upgrade a Logitech Tap Scheduler (we have many) to firmware 1.8.557. Well it broke it. It was throwing a weird error too: This particular account only signs in to this device. To be sure, I revoked all sign-ins for this account and tried again. No … Read more

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