Teams Voicemail Disappears 

I have had users lately complain that their voicemails in Teams history are gone. Basically, Teams Voicemail Disappears. It is frustrating to say the least. You had a voicemail that you have been keeping for a while and then one day you go to it and it is gone. Disappeared into the ether and you … Read more

Assigning Microsoft Licensing Gives Errors

Have you ever had an issue where Assigning Microsoft Licensing Gives Errors? Depending on how you license your users, it could be because you use a combination of Group licensing and manual licensing. If you use more than one third party to purchase licenses, I wouldn’t be surprised if you run into this. I will … Read more

Automatically Add Signature to Outlook

Microsoft has added the ability for email signatures to roam. This is great news for users who use Outlook on multiple devices as it stores signature settings at the mailbox level and not directly in Outlook’s settings. You want to Automatically Add Signature to Outlook but sometimes, you can’t. If the signature is created programmatically … Read more

Switching M365 Licensing using PowerShell

PowerShell can automate several tasks that you might find yourself in M365 Administration. You may find yourself in an organization in the need of Switching M365 Licensing using PowerShell. At least I would use PowerShell. Changing licensing requires you to remove the older license and add the new licensing. Try manually doing that for hundreds … Read more

Set up Auto Archive Fast for Outlook

If you use Exchange Online for email in M365, great! Depending on your licensing structure you will have anywhere from 50 to 100 GB in storage space. However, that might not be enough. This article will show you how to Set up auto archive fast. Why Configure Auto Archive for Outlook The are a few … Read more

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