How to Send HTML Mail In PowerShell

To Send HTML Mail email in PowerShell requires you to use Microsoft Graph. Send Mail is now depreciated and you shouldn’t be using it anyway. It is nice to add email automation to your scripts but wouldn’t it be better if you could send an nicely formatted email through HTML? Well you can. It does … Read more

The Correct Way To Send Mail In PowerShell

Are you still using Send-MailMessage to Send Mail In PowerShell? You need to stop. The command needs SMTPAuth enabled for your organization. If you are looking for ways to security harden you M365 tenant, disabling this feature is a good way to go. But you still need to send email in PowerShell, right? I will … Read more

Trapping Errors in MS Graph

I was tasked with automating how Outlook contacts are written to a users profile using Microsoft Graph. I wrote about how to do it in my situation here. However, my last task was to accomplish this but with a much larger contact list. This required trapping errors in MS Graph. I will show you the … Read more

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