Assigning Microsoft Licensing Gives Errors

Have you ever had an issue where Assigning Microsoft Licensing Gives Errors? Depending on how you license your users, it could be because you use a combination of Group licensing and manual licensing. If you use more than one third party to purchase licenses, I wouldn’t be surprised if you run into this. I will … Read more

Set up Auto Archive Fast for Outlook

If you use Exchange Online for email in M365, great! Depending on your licensing structure you will have anywhere from 50 to 100 GB in storage space. However, that might not be enough. This article will show you how to Set up auto archive fast. Why Configure Auto Archive for Outlook The are a few … Read more

A Better Exchange Quarantine Notification Process

MS has told you that you cannot disable Exchange Quarantine Notification to users. Sorry, but that sucks. What you can do is disable the user’s ability to do anything with them. You can create a policy to do this. This is how it is configured: Configuring an Exchange Quarantine Notification First go to and … Read more

Sharing with OneDrive Online in 4 Steps

Sharing with OneDrive online is very easy and versatile. It is very similar to other file sharing services like Dropbox and Google Drive. Since you already use M365 it is only natural that you use OneDrive. Accessing OneDrive Online The easiest way to share with OneDrive is online. For access this way, go to … Read more

Sharing With OneDrive Online

I had written a great article on Onedrive. However, The best way to Sharing With OneDrive Online is to go to with your favorite web browser. Once you get to your portal screen, click the menu icon in the top left and choose OneDrive: You will be brought to your “My Files” page: You can create … Read more

Scanning With Microsoft Lens The Right Way

Scanning With Microsoft Lens Scanning With Microsoft Lens is a great way to get documents that are not on your phone scanned and sent to various outlets. Good examples are PDF, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word or Saved to OneDrive. You can later take the scans and share there using your normal methods on your phone (Email, … Read more

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