Upgrade Breaks Logitech Tap Scheduler

I was going about my normal duties and decided to upgrade a Logitech Tap Scheduler (we have many) to firmware 1.8.557. Well it broke it. It was throwing a weird error too: This particular account only signs in to this device. To be sure, I revoked all sign-ins for this account and tried again. No … Read more

Delete Tap Scheduler Reservations With This One Trick

Don’t you wish you could Delete Tap Scheduler Reservations when a user makes them by mistake or realizes they don’t need the reservation anymore? It is fairly straight forward. Making a Reservation Using The Logitech Tap Scheduler The Logitech Tap Scheduler is a useful display board device that shows the status of a resource room … Read more

The One Thing ISP’s Don’t Tell You About Access

Nothing is as frustrating as having to replace some of your internet equipment after a failure. In this case my router decided to go kaput after an intense thunder storm. I replaced it with a backup router configured exactly like the old one. You would think it would just work but it didn’t. My ISP … Read more

Laptop Docking Station – 4 Ways To Troubleshoot

I have troubleshooted laptop docking stations for years and I have to tell you, they have gotten worse. The devices used to be a simple port replication unit. Now, there almost like their own computer with firmware updates and the like. The construction IMO has gotten worse too. Ok, rant over……  So without further ado, … Read more

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