Can’t Join Teams Meeting Online? Try This.

Can’t Join Teams Meeting Online

Did you create a meeting either through Outlook 365 or directly in Microsoft Teams and can’t join teams meeting online? You used the Teams Meeting Button in Outlook, or you checked the “Online Meeting” Check box in Teams, but you still can’t join?

If you already tried signing in and signing out or deleting your Teams’ cache, here is a hack to get it back.

When you create a meeting in Teams directly it is supposed to automatically have the online option. The join button in the meeting should show up when it gets close to the meeting time. In fact, the only way at this point where it won’t be online is if you use a version of Outlook that doesn’t support the Microsoft Teams Meeting.

You Invite the others in the meeting, and they get the meeting info like this:

Teams Meeting Details

But the meeting you created in your calendar does not have the Join Button like what you see below:

Teams Join Meeting Button

If this happens to you there are two ways to Join Online.

Right Click on the Meeting

You can right click on the meeting and choose the “Join Online” option:

Teams Right Click Join Online

Still Can’t Join Teams Meeting Online? Refresh.

It is a hack, but it works.

  1. Open the meeting in Teams.
  2. Invite someone to the meeting.
  3. Remove them from the meeting.

Now, when you right click on the meeting. The “Join Online” Option is there. This refreshed the meeting details and brought the Join Online back!

The good news is at least you can fix the meeting and do not have to call the HelpDesk!

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