Automatically Carbon Copy in EAC

I am sure your organization has a lot of automated process in place for its workflow. Most organizations have this set up to get things done more efficiently. However, some parts of this flow are still somewhat manual. For example, remembering to send an email after a process is completed. If it is not built in to the process, why not Automatically Carbon Copy in EAC?

A good option for an individual is to use Microsoft Flow for automation. But what if this process needs to be done by a department or the entire organization? If it is simple enough, it can be set at the server level using Exchange Online Mail Flow Rules. I will show you how…..

What Mail Flow Do You Need To Automate?

What process are you trying to automate? I will give an example. You have a department that either manually or through a system sends an email notification to [email protected]. They have been instructed to CC (Carbon Copy) [email protected] every time they do so. That’s fine but what if they forget? What if the system cannot accommodate this request. You can set up a Mail Flow Rule.

How to Set Up Automatically Carbon Copy in EAC

  1. First, go to your EAC ( and click add a rule / create a new rule.
  2. The Rule should look like the following:
Automatically Carbon Copy in EAC
EAC Rule Example

When this rule is Saved and then Enabled (Don’t forget to enabled the rule after you have created it). Any email send to Company A will have Company B CC’ed on it. This is great for email addresses that serve one purpose like receiving reports. Maybe another company you work with closely with needs these reports too and you do not have to remember to CC them anymore. It is all done automatically!

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