Try Windows 11 in 5 Steps

So you would like to try Windows 11? Well it is pretty easy. We are starting to see more of these installations and it is important that your currently running software works with it. It is better to test before upgrading so you know what works and what doesn’t before a full scale upgrade. I … Read more

Allow Specific Users to Auto-Forward

You would like to allow auto-forwarding to specific domains. Great! What if you want to allow specific users to Auto-Forward? Back in the day you could probably only allow / disable domains from auto-forwarding. However, with the ever changing landscape that is M365 you now can get more granular with the process. Now you can … Read more

Use Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) to Send Emails

Your organization has turned off Automatic forwards for security reasons. It helps protect emails from being forwarded to a hacker’s email address if your account became compromised. It also stops a disgruntled employee from sending information to the wrong place. If you use Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) it is more secure. So, what if you … Read more

Upgrade Breaks Logitech Tap Scheduler

I was going about my normal duties and decided to upgrade a Logitech Tap Scheduler (we have many) to firmware 1.8.557. Well it broke it. It was throwing a weird error too: This particular account only signs in to this device. To be sure, I revoked all sign-ins for this account and tried again. No … Read more

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