Manually Setup Teams Forwarding for a user

Manually Setup Teams Forwarding You need to Manually Setup Teams Forwarding for a user and you are unable at the moment do it Automatically. That is OK. If you do not have access to your Powershell Scripts Do the following: Clear Teams Forwarding If you need to clear forward on the Voice Tab of the … Read more

Forwarding in Microsoft Teams in 3 Steps

You may have a need where a group of users need for forwarding in Microsoft Teams using a shared account. You would like this group to quickly and efficiently configure this. The problem is you do not want the users to login directly to Microsoft Teams and you don’t want them to have direct access … Read more

Public Folder Notifications Tweak

I showed you how to use Get-PublicFolderItemStatistics Here is a little Public Folder Notifications Tweak that makes it “set it and forget it”. It requires no intervention after it is set. If you are in charge with doing something like maintaining a separate set of contacts for your organization based on a master list of Public folder contacts. You … Read more

Managing Teams Apps

Managing Teams Apps Microsoft Teams lack of integration with M365 doesn’t stop at the client. It extends to Administration too. Let me explain the ways in Managing Teams Apps. You can add to the functionality of Microsoft Teams by Managing Teams Apps and add them to users. It is a good system. The responsibility is … Read more

Voicemails Disappear from Teams History

How convenient is it to have your voicemails accessible from Microsoft Teams! But what if they Disappear from Teams History? I thought it was something simple. I was wrong. Here is a situation I came across: Example of Voicemails Disappear from Teams History A user receives a call from an internal number (person in the … Read more

Teams Voicemail Disappears 

I have had users lately complain that their voicemails in Teams history are gone. Basically, Teams Voicemail Disappears. It is frustrating to say the least. You had a voicemail that you have been keeping for a while and then one day you go to it and it is gone. Disappeared into the ether and you … Read more

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