Assigning Microsoft Licensing Gives Errors

Assigning Microsoft Licensing Gives Errors

Have you ever had an issue where Assigning Microsoft Licensing Gives Errors? Depending on how you license your users, it could be because you use a combination of Group licensing and manual licensing. If you use more than one third party to purchase licenses, I wouldn’t be surprised if you run into this.

I will give an example. This has happened in the past when trying to assign an Exchange Online Plan 2 license for a user. There is some inherited licensing that cause errors when trying to remove the Exchange Plan1 license and add the Exchange Online Plan 2 license.

The cause in this case was the Microsoft Teams Standard License inherited from the Group licensing in Azure. To be able to assign the new exchange license I had to do the following:

Steps To Successfully Assign License

  1. Remove the user from the Group Licensing Group in Azure AD
  2. Remove all licenses the user has in the admin portal (User Details)
  3. Re-add the above licenses except the Exchange Online Plan 1 license. You would add the Exchange Online Plan 2 license and Save Changes in the Admin Portal (User Details).
  4. Re-add the user to the Group License Group in Azure AD.
  5. Re-provision the users phone number.

This is a good process to follow regularly as it will come up from time to time. Don’t worry, repetition helps with learning so if you forget and run into this error a few time you will get the hint LOL.

Re-Add User Number When Assigning Microsoft Licensing Gives Errors

Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity userid@<tenant.domain> -PhoneNumber '+1XXXXXXX' -PhoneNumberType DirectRouting

Grant-CsOnlineVoiceRoutingPolicy -Identity userid@<tenant.domain> -PolicyName "<Policy your Telco gave you or one you set up>"

Set-CsOnlineVoiceMailUserSettings -Identity userid@<tenant.domain> -VoicemailEnabled $true

If you don’t check the teams phone number provisioning you may end up with a problem like this. Double check the MS Teams portal to ensure the phone number was added back. This is a bit of a pain, but it works.

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