Add Microsoft Authenticator to MFA

Microsoft Authenticator to MFA

You may have decided to stick to SMS texts for MFA. Unfortunately, it is currently the weakest form of MFA. Microsoft has decided enough is enough! Time to get more secure. They have enforced a registration campaign. The new MFA using this app is a push with number matching. So should you Add Microsoft Authenticator to MFA? It isn’t an answer to a question….you have no choice. They started rolling this out on September 15th 2023.

Here is how you Add Microsoft Authenticator to MFA in a few simple steps.

Microsoft has made using the Microsoft Authenticator App Mandatory. It is just another way to bump up security with your tenant. You will get three passes and then the inevitable. When they want you to switch you will see this prompt after you logon on your computer screen:

Microsoft Authenticator to MFA

Note: Before you click next, check to see if you have the authenticator App

See if the Authenticator App is already installed.

  1. Please check your phone and see if you already have the Microsoft Authenticator App installed already. If you do go to the section Adding an Account to The Authenticator App.
  2. To check, do a search on the main screen of your phone and search for “Microsoft Authenticator”. If it is on the phone it will show up in your search.

Installing the Authenticator App

  • Go to the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iPhone) on your Phone
  • Search for “Microsoft Authenticator App:”.
  • Install the App on your phone.
  • Open the App and go to the next section.

Adding Account to Microsoft Authenticator to MFA

Click next to this prompt:

Microsoft Authenticator to MFA

If You Have the QR Code on Your Computer Screen

You will more than likely see this:

Microsoft Authenticator to MFA

Go to the open Authenticator App and click the plus sign and choose “Work or school account”:

Microsoft Authenticator to MFA

When given the choice to scan a QR Code tap it and then scan the code on your computer screen with your phone. It will add your account to the phone. Once the QR code is scanned, click next.

Microsoft Authenticator to MFA Manually

The steps are the same as adding your account with a QR code, but you choose “sign in” instead. You will be prompted for your windows username and password. Remember your windows username.

Testing Authenticator App

Before you can use the app, Microsoft would like to test it. It will show a number on your computer screen. You will need to enter it in the Authenticator app. It will show a successful test on your computer screen. Click Next.

You now have successfully set up the Microsoft Authenticator App on your Phone (Microsoft Authenticator to MFA). Going forward when you sign into a Microsoft App, when you are prompted for MFA, your login will give you a code:

Microsoft Authenticator to MFA

You will have to type that number into your authenticator App and the logon will proceed!

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