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My name is Dan Vespa. I am an IT professional with over twenty five years experience in the field. I have supported thousands of users over the years. The organizations I have worked for range in size from one person to hundreds of people. I have performed support from Help Desk, Network Administration, Network Support, Application Support, Implementation and Security to name a few. More recently I am now doing M365 / O365 Support and process automation through PowerShell. If I haven’t directly supported it I know enough to speak to it. I learn new things about this field almost every day and I am grateful to share my experience. It is all located here is my blog.

I started blogging several years ago after a scary health issue. I started using blogspot to document my journey. It was then followed by a Wellness blog that is unfortunately defunct. In fact, I am reusing it’s domain name for this blog! I have decided to switch gears a bit. To be honest, I really need to stick with what I am good at. Believe me, I have tried a lot of things in the last decade to test that theory but this is what I excel in.

Frankly, in my years of IT support things can get very complicated pretty fast. It makes it frustrating for the technician but more importantly, it makes it frustrating for the end user! Like my blog says my IT tips are quick and useful. You will spend less time fixing the problem and more time doing what you do best.

I hope you enjoy my content. You can also help make it better by sending a message through email (danv at cayville dot ca) or you can DM on LinkedIn . You can also follow me Follow me on LinkedIn. I like taking suggestions about your IT woes. If I can write an article that can help you with your issue, not only will I help you but I will also help others. Believe me you, you are probably not the only one who has that specific problem. We will be able to tackle it in a light-hearted, fun way!

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