5 Quick And Amazing Tips for Using O365 Web 

O365 Web 

Use this post for 6 Quick Tips for Using O365 Web. IT will take care of the most common settings when initially setup up your email in Office 365 Web.

Adding your Signature

While in O365 Web, go into your sent items and find an email with your most recent signature. Highlight it and copy the text and logo. Then go into settings () in the top right of your O365 window and click Mail / Compose and reply. From here click the button. Give your signature a name. In the textbox below the signature name, proceed to paste you signature that you copied. Click save and you have a signature for your O365 Web App. 

Once you have saved your signature, click on the down arrow “For New Messages” and select the new signature you just created. 

Disabling Focus inbox 

Focus inbox allows for messages to be sorted into your regular inbox and other emails considered to be newsletters, bulk email, etc. but not junk email. If you prefer to see all of your email in one inbox, just click the toggle to switch this feature off.  Click the settings icon () in the top right of your O365 window and turn the focused inbox toggle off: 

Accessing your to-do- bar 

You may want to see your calendar and tasks on the same page as your email. To do this in O365 Web all you have to is click the “Your Day” button on the main page: 

You will have to do this each time you start the O365 Web App to show this view.

Turning Conversation View Off 

O365 has this set by default. Turn it off, click the settings gear () and click and then at the bottom right of the screen click “View All Outlook Settings”. Then click Mail / Layout / Message Organization. Choose “Show email as individual Messages”: 

Page Break 

Viewing Other Mailboxes 

Start typing the name of the mailbox you would like to view and then click on the OPEN button 

The new mailbox will open in another tab and you can switch back and forth between your mailbox and the other mailbox using the tabs. 

Creating Out of Office Message

Click on Settings Icon and then “View All Outlook Settings” 

Click on “Automatic replies” 

Turn on radio button “Automatic replies on” 

Click on “Send replies only during a time period” and enter the dates you will be out of the office. 

Add the automatic reply text for both inside and outside your organization and click on the SAVE button . If you use this with my post on setting up O365 in first place, you will have everything covered.

To be honest, not many read my posts. Blogging about IT is boring as fuck. If you email me at [email protected] and let me know you found this Easter egg of profanity, you will get a shout out in my next blog post.

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