Create a Dynamic Teams Broadcast Group

Dynamic Teams Broadcast Group (Sort of) You would think with the creation of AAD Dynamic Groups you would be able to create a Dynamic Teams Broadcast Group. Well, it is not the case. One thing Microsoft Teams does not do well is integrate into the rest of the M365 ecosystem. I do not know why … Read more

Quickly Provision a Phone in Teams Admin

Quickly Provision a Phone in Teams Admin If you license users for Teams Phone Standard you will need to Quickly Provision a Phone in Teams Admin. It also happens if you unlicensed a user for Teams and then reconsidered. It drops the phone number, and it will have to be re-provisioned Follow the Steps below … Read more

Assigning Microsoft Licensing Gives Errors

Have you ever had an issue where Assigning Microsoft Licensing Gives Errors? Depending on how you license your users, it could be because you use a combination of Group licensing and manual licensing. If you use more than one third party to purchase licenses, I wouldn’t be surprised if you run into this. I will … Read more

Automatically Add Signature to Outlook

Microsoft has added the ability for email signatures to roam. This is great news for users who use Outlook on multiple devices as it stores signature settings at the mailbox level and not directly in Outlook’s settings. You want to Automatically Add Signature to Outlook but sometimes, you can’t. If the signature is created programmatically … Read more

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