Allow Attachments With Safe Attachments Policy

Ok, you have enabled the common attachment filter for your organization to NOT Allow Attachments of a certain type. Great. Here’s the rub….some of those attachment extensions, while most of the time should be blocked occasionally need to be allowed. In most cases you don’t worry because you use Quarantine settings in MS Security and … Read more

A Better Exchange Quarantine Notification Process

MS has told you that you cannot disable Exchange Quarantine Notification to users. Sorry, but that sucks. What you can do is disable the user’s ability to do anything with them. You can create a policy to do this. This is how it is configured: Configuring an Exchange Quarantine Notification First go to and … Read more

Bypass MFA With Conditional Access With One Step

You have probably researched tons of articles on how to Bypass MFA With Conditional Access for a single user, group of users or users coming from named or trusted location. All these articles, including Microsoft support, have completely forgotten about one thing that is incredibly important to consider…. What if security defaults are turned off … Read more

Sharing with OneDrive Online in 4 Steps

Sharing with OneDrive online is very easy and versatile. It is very similar to other file sharing services like Dropbox and Google Drive. Since you already use M365 it is only natural that you use OneDrive. Accessing OneDrive Online The easiest way to share with OneDrive is online. For access this way, go to … Read more

Add Microsoft Authenticator to MFA

You may have decided to stick to SMS texts for MFA. Unfortunately, it is currently the weakest form of MFA. Microsoft has decided enough is enough! Time to get more secure. They have enforced a registration campaign. The new MFA using this app is a push with number matching. So should you Add Microsoft Authenticator … Read more

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