Upgrade Breaks Logitech Tap Scheduler

I was going about my normal duties and decided to upgrade a Logitech Tap Scheduler (we have many) to firmware 1.8.557. Well it broke it. It was throwing a weird error too: This particular account only signs in to this device. To be sure, I revoked all sign-ins for this account and tried again. No … Read more

Use Conditional Access When MFA Not Possible

You have a group of users that you want to only login into to certain devices in your organization. A good example is a general use account that you only use in one place (like a kiosk or a dedicated work area) but MFA is not feasible. You can use Conditional Access to help with … Read more

The Correct Way To Send Mail In PowerShell

Are you still using Send-MailMessage to Send Mail In PowerShell? You need to stop. The command needs SMTPAuth enabled for your organization. If you are looking for ways to security harden you M365 tenant, disabling this feature is a good way to go. But you still need to send email in PowerShell, right? I will … Read more

Quickly React To M365 User Compromise

At some point you are going to deal with a M365 User Compromise. It could be a password leak of some kind. It could be through a phishing attempt or as simple as password sharing. Either way, it can be dealt with easily and quickly in 3 steps. I will show you how. M365 User … Read more

Disable External Forwarding With These 2 Steps

You, for many reasons (Security being a big one), that you need to Disable External Forwarding for your M365 Users. In this article I can show how to check which users are using forwarding and then how to turn it off for the entire organization so it won’t be a concern going forward. List Users … Read more

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