Can’t Join Teams Meeting Online? Try This.

Did you create a meeting either through Outlook 365 or directly in Microsoft Teams and can’t join teams meeting online? You used the Teams Meeting Button in Outlook, or you checked the “Online Meeting” Check box in Teams, but you still can’t join? If you already tried signing in and signing out or deleting your … Read more

Delete Tap Scheduler Reservations With This One Trick

Don’t you wish you could Delete Tap Scheduler Reservations when a user makes them by mistake or realizes they don’t need the reservation anymore? It is fairly straight forward. Making a Reservation Using The Logitech Tap Scheduler The Logitech Tap Scheduler is a useful display board device that shows the status of a resource room … Read more

Reclaim O365 Licenses From Deleted Users

O365 admin is funny. There a lot of things that you do a certain way if you came from an on premise environment. You don’t think about it (Like disabling a user). Well you have now moved into a hybrid environment and hopefully soon and all cloud environment. You need to Reclaim O365 Licenses. Why … Read more

Automatically Carbon Copy in EAC

I am sure your organization has a lot of automated process in place for its workflow. Most organizations have this set up to get things done more efficiently. However, some parts of this flow are still somewhat manual. For example, remembering to send an email after a process is completed. If it is not built … Read more

Trapping Errors in MS Graph

I was tasked with automating how Outlook contacts are written to a users profile using Microsoft Graph. I wrote about how to do it in my situation here. However, my last task was to accomplish this but with a much larger contact list. This required trapping errors in MS Graph. I will show you the … Read more

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