The One Thing ISP’s Don’t Tell You About Access

Nothing is as frustrating as having to replace some of your internet equipment after a failure. In this case my router decided to go kaput after an intense thunder storm. I replaced it with a backup router configured exactly like the old one. You would think it would just work but it didn’t. My ISP … Read more

3 Ways a Coder and a Striker are Alike

I am a huge soccer fan. As a kid, I watched World Cup but that was about it. It wasn’t until my son started playing competitive soccer 7 years ago that I really got into it. I am in Canada and watch a lot of MLS and CPL. I know “true” soccer fans watch the … Read more

Top 3 Posts for Your Quick IT Tips!

Alas, I am on Holiday this week so I thought I would leave with the most popular posts on my site until now. If you just joined Quick IT Tips you may not have seen these articles but they do give some great tips on some very common problems… Not surprising, Security tops the list. … Read more

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