Fix Citrix Display With This One Step

Are you using Workspace with more than one screen and your Citrix Display is not looking right? For example, all of a sudden you can’t drag a published app from one screen to another properly? What Causes this? There are several reasons. Whatever causes it changes the scale and layout properties of you monitor(s). When … Read more

3 Ways to Fix DNS issues

Have you heard the expression “it’s is always DNS”? Well it is true. I found myself in this situation a few days ago and it reminded me it was time to regale you with another blog post! Are you having trouble connecting to a site or service over the internet? You have tried all the … Read more

3 Considerations When Upgrading to Windows 11

Should you upgrade to Windows 11? It depends…. As with most Windows new releases, early adopters are usually faced with a lot of problems. I like to wait for the system to be out for awhile and I get a chance to upgrade my hardware before I upgrade. It minimizes problems. If you feel you … Read more

5 Quick And Amazing Tips for Using O365 Web 

Use this post for 6 Quick Tips for Using O365 Web. IT will take care of the most common settings when initially setup up your email in Office 365 Web. Adding your Signature While in O365 Web, go into your sent items and find an email with your most recent signature. Highlight it and copy … Read more

Laptop Docking Station – 4 Ways To Troubleshoot

I have troubleshooted laptop docking stations for years and I have to tell you, they have gotten worse. The devices used to be a simple port replication unit. Now, there almost like their own computer with firmware updates and the like. The construction IMO has gotten worse too. Ok, rant over……  So without further ado, … Read more

Office 365 and Outlook: Install and Configure in 2 Steps

Congratulations you have an O365 subscription (I know you are jumping up and down…. this is sarcasm). Since 99.99999 % of people get Office 365 for Outlook look, here is a quick and dirty guide to get Office 365 and Office installed and Outlook configured in 2 Steps.  Install Office 365 Uninstall and other Office … Read more

Two Really Cool Citrix Hacks

One of the biggest questions I get about Citrix is how to operate between the terminal server OS and the local OS. Usually there is the occasional need to work between the two. Here are two really cool Citrix Hacks. Once you learn them you will use the all the time! Transfer Between Citrix and … Read more

Back Up Your Whole System in Two Steps

This is a continuation from my previous article on how to make sure your files are backed up. You either work from home or are a power user in an organization that might not give all the backup you need. Whatever the case, I will show you how to back up your entire machine using … Read more

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