Why Would you use Linux Lite 4.0 Final Release?

I will tell you why. It is awesome. It is built on the same foundation as Ubuntu Linux but it is meant for older hardware. What I really like about it is that it has a 32-bit version (not just a 64-bit version). I have two old laptops that I now can use on a daily basis because Linux Lite 4.0 final release has breathed new life into them. To illustrate I am writing this article on an old Dell Latitude E5500 and it is running flawlessly. I want to explain why as non-technical PC user, you should opt to use such an operating system.

Evaluate What You Really Do on your Computer

Instead of mindlessly upgrading your computer to the latest version of Windows, ask yourself “what do I really do with this?”. If all you do is surf the web, check email and occasionally print a word document why would you spend all that money upgrading. Linux Lite has got you covered. You probably use your tablet or smart phone for most everything anyway. Out of the box you have Firefox as a web browser, Thunderbird as a solid email client and you can install your printer very easily. If you have certain applications that have to run on Windows then that is a different story (but if you are the other 97%…).

Rock Sold Performance Makes Your Desktop /Laptop Experience Better

Remember the blue screen of death and black and the screen of death with Windows? While it doesn’t happen as often as it used to it is still very annoying. Say goodbye to that with Linux Lite 4.0 final release. It runs so solid that you will do what you need to do on your computer and then go on with your life.

Linux Lite has Evolved in to a User Friendly Install

Long gone are the days of awkward installs wondering if you have the correct hardware and device drivers. With Linux Lite 4.0 final release all you have to do is download the ISO image, burn to a DVD-R or image to a USB thumb drive and boot from it with the device you want to install it on. A few clicks later and voila, you have a fully functioning versatile Linux install ready to use. It is that simple!

Installing Applications and Printers has Never Been Easier

Through the menu button and the and the search bar, you can search for as something simple as “printers” and a configure printers app appears in the search results. Clicking on it brings up a simple wizard which locates all the printers on your network and lets you install and configure the printer through a simple wizard interface making Linux Lite 4.0 very easy to use.

Using the “Lite Software” app, your are able to search and install any program you feel you need (if it not installed already). Updates also run automatically or manually which easily keeps your system current.

Libre Office Suite

I have used Microsoft Office for years and Libre Office has come the closest to any other office suite on the market to emulate what Microsoft does. I can easily create and edit documents on either system seamlessly. In fact, I often go back and forth between my Windows and Linux machine editing documents either through drop box or my local network without any problem.

Final Thoughts

You no longer have to be technically savvy to be able to run Linux Lite 4.0 final release at home. You will have all the functionality of a Windows machine with an office suite, web browser, email and many other software tools at no cost. You will also be able to either extend the life of your existing PC hardware or breath new life into older hardware you thought was destined for landfill. This is good for your pocketbook and the environment. How could you go wrong with Linux Lite 4.0 final release?