Why Thinking Small Might be The Answer to Getting What You Want

Merl Robbins

I watched a Ted talk the other day with one of my favorite speakers, Mel Robbins and she was explaining that a lot of people’s problems in achieving their goals and dreams is that they do not think or dream big enough.

In Mel’s Ted talk, she provides several examples that show you how to dream big enough. However, it is the thought of how big your dream is that may actually dissuade you from pursuing it in the first place.

In her first book, Stop Saying You’re Fine (One of my favorite reads), Mel explains how just getting started in the first place and not worrying about the results or consequences can be a good way to go. It is here where I propose that thinking small is how you should start. Don’t worry about the end goal just have it in the back your mind and get started by taking that small step.

For example, I would like to give a Ted talk someday. However, in order to get there I can’t just go and do a Ted talk. There are several steps that I must do in order to get there, however, I need to start somewhere.

That’s where “dreaming small” might be beneficial. Now when I say dreaming small, I really mean getting started, so this is where I will start.

What dream do big dream do you have and what small step could you take to get you started?

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