Repetition, Is It Good For Learning?

The expression goes …. “you need that like a hole in the head” referring to not needing what your asking for. For me, it is the complete opposite! If I really do need something…..

As you see from the pictures above, I had two surgeries to remove a brain tumour, more specifically an Acoustic Neuroma. In this case, I learned a lot after the first surgery. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the whole tumour out the first time because it was discovered I had a blood disorder. What it did allow me to do was gain a little perspective about what I had and gave me time to research and decide what to do going forward. While carefully monitoring the residual tumour I sought the advice of many medical professionals during this time. After weighing several factors carefully, I elected to have another surgery. It wasn’t without careful consideration. It also wasn’t an exact repetition either (I chose another surgeon for the second surgery). I am publishing an eBook about it very soon.

The point is that sometimes you need to take a breather before you decide to take another stab at something. Just because you took a break doesn’t mean you are giving up. Maybe you need to regroup, collect yourself and try a different angle. This is very similar to improving a process but it is concerning your wellness .

So if you are doing something you believe in and have hit a rough patch, don’t give up. Try again even if it means walking away from it for a bit. You will be surprised on how well you can actually do it the second time around!