Removing Your Scleral Lens

I belong to a scleral lens support group on Facebook called My Big Fat Scleral Lens . I have found it very helpful as with all support groups. You get lots of tips and pointers and you get to help too. This post deals with an issue I have been seeing a bit in this Facebook group. It deals with removal of the scleral lens. Now I am lucky as I only have to deal with one lens. Some scleral lens users have to deal with one in each eye.

Here is a video I posted on YouTube that might help you getting your lens out:

The two things I have had to deal with in taking the lens out have been the following:

1. The plunger is put on the wrong spot on the lens.

The suction that is created by the saline between the lens and your eyeball is great. The only way to break the seal without out causing too much pain and irritation is the placement of the plunger. In the picture above you see it it being placed on the side of the lens. You then “pull away” gently with the plunger. The seal should break and the lens should come out. You will be able to tell if it is not right as you pull and you feel resistance from the lens. Oh yeah, it kind of hurts too.


2. The plunger is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

If the plunger you use is worn out it either will take forever to stick to the lens or it won’t all. Time for a new plunger. If there is cracks or other damage to the plunger, it will cause it to malfunction.

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