One Solid Way to Network (Mind Blowing)!

Mind Blowing

Coincidentally my sister and I are both looking for new opportunities. She has been at the career game a little longer than me so I asked for her advice. She asked if I belonged to any networking groups. I do not. It is a good way to get some contacts through connections. It is kind of like warm calling, when you are introduced to someone through a mutual friend.

Oddly enough, there seems to be no job searching networking groups in my area. This led me to my next option, which was Googling some methods on networking. Now my last article mentioned that it can be done through using LinkedIn or old fashioned Rolodex and email, however, I will elaborate about it in this post.

For me, what I did was to go through industry contacts that I either had a personal working relationship with, personally met or had ongoing online communications with for at least a year or more. Now that I had compiled the list, I reached to them either via email or LinkedIn.

Don’t ask for a Job

Chances are some of your contacts are old coworkers and recruiters, so in recent conversations you have already asked if they know of any opportunities available. The whole reason you probably got in contact with a recruiter in the first place was because you saw a job posting that suited you. What you need to do is ask them if they would be comfortable forwarding you at least three of their contacts to you since they know of your experience and potential. You would like to reach out to these contacts to seek advice and to see if there are any opportunities they might be aware of.

This is yet another way to look for a job. If you are familiar with real estate investing, you have probably heard of the term pocket listing . Not all jobs are advertised yet there is still a need to fill them.

The Beauty of Multiplication

So lets do some simple math. If you have a list of ten well known contacts and half of them give you three contacts to reach out to, you now have 15 more potential contacts to add to your network for possible job opportunities. Beauty in simplicity…..

What are some other ways you have used to build your net work?

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