Meditating…How it has Helped

On the advice of my wife and doctor, I have begun meditating. I started noticing a few things about me that lead to this.

Firstly, there was the physical. My blood pressure was starting to rise. I was always considered “high normal”. I consider myself somewhat of a healthy eater. I do eat a lot of what is considered heart smart food. However, sometimes you are fighting against genetics. High BP does run in my family but so does longevity, so I hope that is on my side too.

Secondly, there was the mental. I have been unemployed for almost 10 months now and I am really starting to get anxious. It really started there. I was working in an extremely toxic environment. I noticed that my normally slightly elevated BP was going through the roof. It was the anxiety of the situation that was causing it. Therefore, I left to better my health, started improving myself and I am now looking for new opportunities. but the anxiety started to creep back since I am still not working….

I have found 2 very very important things that meditation does..

Meditation Quiets the Mind

When you are meditating you are training your brain to stay quiet. Our life is filled with so many thoughts, worries, concerns and distractions. You really need to find a way to turn all of that off. Quieting the mind helps. It enables you to just be in the moment and relax. All your worries and cares can and will be dealt with but worrying about all at the same time is not helpful. It has helped me by making me realize that no matter how much you worry about things, they are still going to be there. It is best to tackle them with a quieter mind….but what about the chatter?

Meditation Helps Deal With the Chatter

When I say chatter, I mean the thoughts that creep into your mind while you are trying to quiet it! You may say to yourself “I am not doing this correctly” or “I am not trying hard enough” but don’t. Don’t beat yourself over this. It is to be expected. You are not a Buddhist Monk. Mediation acknowledges this. You need to acknowledge this as well and just bring your mind back to being quiet. This is how everyday life works too. Just remember you need to bring your self back to a state of mindfulness(quiet) and continue.

I have been using an app called Serenity and it has been great. It has lessons with several sessions. It starts with the basics and then works towards other topics like, mindfulness, expansion, self and even ongoing maintenance. I have been able to keep my anxiety and health in check. If I have lapses, I know what to do :). I will keep doing it to help me through good and bad!