Just Stop….Breathe!

I received some bad news today. I was interviewed for a new job the other day and I thought it went really well. The company even told me that I was an ideal candidate for the position. So when I looked in my email inbox this morning and found a boiler plate message stating that they passed on me I was floored ūüôĀ

I didn’t understand. It was for a cloud-based company. A part of their application process they ask you to submit apart from your resume, a crafty cover letter, use a trial version of the software and execute a few tasks in it and answer several situational support questions online before you submit your application. In my phone interview, I was told I did all those things really well…..This experience has reminded me why we need to meditate.


A lot of time things are not in your control even though you really want them to be. You may really need that job, promotion, client account etc. As the meditation I am currently do says “Breath in the abundance…Breathe out the constriction”.
The app I am using is called Let’s Meditate:Guided Meditation and it’s great. It also reminds me that I am a step away from brilliance. Don’t let setbacks define who you are or where you want to be. You could be so close!


We forget that we are abundant as we are. The universe can only give us this abundance if we feel this way and are ready to accept it. Our thoughts are what leaves us with feelings of abundance or lack. I spoke about this after my first brain surgery. It all has to do how you frame your situation. It hard to do sometimes but you have to try to look at things in a different light. In my case, I realized that despite my unemployment, I am still very abundant. What I have is enough. There are no feelings of lack. It is a struggle sometimes but I know when those feelings of lack creep in I can turn it around! I am by no means perfect but I try.

Being Grateful

When things seem like they are not going your way you need to stop and breath but also think of three things you are grateful for. When we are upset we spend so much time and energy focusing on what is making us upset that we lose context on just how good our life is. Think of three things you are grateful for. They can be anything, big or small. You could be grateful for the coffee your partner made you in the morning or that you had a good night sleep. Once you see the bigger picture, things aren’t so bad and you ultimately feel better. And when you feel better, you think better.