My eBook is Out!!

I feel blessed to share my experiences with my Acoustic Neuroma. I documented my journey over the last 10 years and put it together as one resource to help others navigate the sometimes scary experience with this tumor. If you are starting your journey, know someone who is or you just want to read about someone else’s journey, this eBook is for you… Please venture over to to check the book out or buy it here:

What the Book is About

So You Have an Acoustic Neuroma…A Tale of Two Surgeries chronicles my journeys from finding out I had an Acoustic Neuroma to the surgeries I had and all the stops I made in between. From talking to several medical professionals, I gained valuable information about this tumor. It enabled me to make the decisions I made about the treatments choices that left me how I am today. I would like to share that information with you. I wish I had all this information available in one place when I was first diagnosed. Now it is.

My journey was 10 years and over 10,000 miles traveled in the making. I spoke with at least 10 medical professionals (Surgeons, Neurologists, ENT’s) and explored all of the techniques in great detail used to treat this tumor. I chose two different surgery techniques but that was my journey.

I hope this eBook helps you or someone you know make informed choices on your journey.