How to Unlock a Smartphone for Free in Canada!

I had a bit of an issue over the holiday. I accidentally dropped a phone and it stopped working. It is a Koodo phone and I haven’t finished paying off the tab! So I am going to use an old phone in the meantime. It is not a bad phone it is just a little older and a little slower……

There is just one problem, it is locked to another Carrier. It is not really a huge deal. As of December 1st, 2016 you have been able to get your phone unlocked for free. I thought it was kind of a pain until now. I read a good
article that shows you how to do it relatively painlessly. Since, by law in Canada, carriers have to unlock it for free. It becomes a service that they don’t really want to provide especially if you are taking the phone to another carrier. Going direct to the manufacturer of the phone is easier and I will show you how.

How to Unlock your Phone for Free!

Step #1 – Get the IMEI# of the phone you want to unlock

This is a 15 digit number you need to provide to the phone manufacturer in order to get your unlock code. For instructions on how to get this number on an Android phone, go here . For an Apple phone, go here.

Step #2 – Contact the Canadian Website of the Smartphone Manufacturer and try to use Chat Support

For example, go to the Canadian site for Samsung or HTC and see if you can initiate chat support. Explain in your chat script that you have purchased a phone and that you need unlocked. You can also mention you have the IMEI #. Since you are getting support from Canada they know they have to provide you with the information to unlock the phone for free. If you can’t use chat, you will have to call them.

They will give you an unlock code after you give them the IMEI number. Please write it down correctly. You will have only three tries to use the unlock code.

Step #3 – Insert the SIM you want to use in the phone you want to unlock

Once the SIM is inserted into the phone you want to unlock, boot the phone up (turn it on). You will be asked to enter the unlock code. Enter it and tap “unlock”. You should get a message like “Phone successfully unlocked!”. The network will go from “unknown SIM ” to whatever carrier the SIM belongs to. In my case I had to unlock a Rogers phone and put in a
Koodo SIM

The steps may seem complicated. If you are too nervous to try this yourself, it is not illegal to pay some to do this for you. If you want, contact me with the phone model you want to unlock and the SIM size you want to put into it and I can let you know how much it would cost for me to do it for you. 🙂

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