How To Eat For Ten Dollars

Just put it in the oven!

Now that I am going back to school I have to be budget conscious about just about everything, even food. The difference is that now I have to worry about feeding more mouths (even in Midlife) then when I was in college years ago…

I like to cook and I am always looking up recipes online and trying new things. It was a little before our weekly shopping trip so I looked in the refrigerator to see if I could scare anything up. What I found was some carrots, potatoes and a whole chicken. After doing a little research online I found a few good recipes that could easily feed a family of four. I tabulated what each item cost when we bought it and it is as follows (excluding the can of beer lol):

Whole Chicken $6

Bag of Carrots $2

Baked Potatoes $2

So, for a whopping $10 you can feed a family of four quite comfortably! You don’t have to use the can of beer if you don’t want to (I had a can left over from a party weeks ago). Also, all of the spices that I used you probably have in your cupboard anyway. I used the following recipes to cook the meal:


I found for this chicken I only need to use about half the rub spices. It was hard to get all of it on the chicken.


I only needed about ½ hour for the carrots.


Potatoes always take longer than you think!

All the recipes require different cooking temperatures but the most important one is the chicken (nobody got sick from eating raw carrots or potatoes!!). I just bumped up the cooking temperature for the chicken about 10 degrees to 385 F, cooking it for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The carrots and potatoes required a higher temperature but way less cooking time so since the cooking temperature was a bit lower, I just cooked the carrots and potatoes longer. Problem solved.

It looks yummy! Time to eat 🙂