How Diversity Might be Construed as Upsetting People?

My Diversity…

I just read a great article on why you should upset people . It was written by a gentleman named Curt Mercadante. In it he says that we are not doing this enough. I agree but if you look at our world you can see a lot of pissed off people….

I think it comes from the inability to realize diversity in the world. I will give you a good example. I don’t like to smile. Why? Because I look like this:

It might upset people but I would rather not have to continually explain or preface each interaction with “I had 2 brain surgeries over the last 6 years and facial nerve damage has left me this way, so please don’t think there is something wrong with me”. And I am just a mild case. There are others that are worse off. Better yet there are people who have lots of other ailments that are more debilitating looking on the surface (or not) but are capable of more then you and I ever imagined…

Curt mentions  that his beard is his brand. Maybe mine should be my crooked smile. The opportunities I get might be indicative of this, maybe not. You see, getting opportunities, positions or jobs is a numbers game.

The opportunities worth chasing are with the ones who can see beyond that…..

How do you feel your diversity should propel you? How might it be seen negatively by others, thereby holding you back?

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